Aberdeen IPE Society

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What is IPE?

Interprofessional Education occurs when two or more health professions learn with, from and about each other to improve  the quality of patient care. 

Why Should you Join OUR Society?

IPE events look great on the CV and IPE is now a mandatory part of most of our courses. Our society holds unique and interesting events that take a fun, practical approach to learning about IPE. Our events are open to all health disciplines and members are given the opportunity to participate in practical skills from other courses. Want to try suturing, injections, cannulation, venipuncture (taking blood), ABG sampling or nasogastric tube insertion? Think that there is something even more fun that you would want to try? Then sign up and get involved in making it happen!

What sort of events do we run?

We run academic events based on clinical scenarios where students from each profession give short presentations on their role in the care of the patient. This is followed by a taster of 2-3 clinical skills relevant to the case. For example taking blood, giving injections, suturing etc. Then of course there are our social events! 

If you are still not convinced check out the photos in our gallery. x